Harddrive suddenly stopped being detected by my windows 10 system.

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Harddrive suddenly stopped being detected by my windows 10 system.

It's a WD harddrive with 3 terabytes space. It's been making some noises but was working fine. Then all of a sudden when I try to access it, it shows the error 'the parameter is incorrect' then I google some fixes and see the command chkdsk /f and run that. restart my system and my harddrive just currently stops showing up. Then I google some solutions. None of them work though,


When I try to initialiaze disk it shows this


When I check the properties it shows this.


From a fix I found online I saw this but it doesn't work.


I downloaded a file recovery software and I can see all my files. I just can't access them. Please can anyone help me or upvote and comment so more people will see this.


more pictures if they're helpful. This shows on my device manager



I have updated my driver, restarted my computer, checked the harddrive on other systems and it still doesn't work.

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