HIGH DEFINITION Review: Internal Mechanical Failing (problems with the internal mechanical components) and Media File corruption error – am I living in a dream world convinced that one day we will have the technologies to get back this information?

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Long story brief: I have an external drive that has the most important data in the world on. When turning the seagate drive on once, it fell from where it had been sat onto the floor plus landed, USB connection first.

I took the hard push to Ontrack recovery which was their review:

We have now completed the recovery attempt on your Hard Drive. Even though we spent a long time looking to bypass the failures that had occurred, unfortunately now we were unable to recover any data from the drive, as a result the drive has been deemed unrecoverable by our engineers. The Hard Drive was struggling with Internal Mechanical Failure (problems with the inner mechanical components) and Media Corruption and although trying exhaustive methods to bypass this, we have not really been successful. Attempts included finding sets of replacement parts which did not take effectively.

I apologise that we could not help in this specific case but your drive was one of the rare occasions where the damage is so severe we can do nothing more to recover the data.

Am I getting naive that this will actually be fixable? Is there another company or place that has the technology to get to it? I keep thinking that the data is on there, its just hard to get to it : should I stop thinking this particular? Should I just assume its gone forever?

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