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I have an external hdd ( Seagate Desktop Expansion STGY8000400) that might be broken. I have a lot of works, films/ movies and photos stored in it and at the moment i cant copy anything out to make the back up. Need some advices and help please…

The current situation is that i can still read the hard drive but only works for a few seconds. After getting into folders, it stops responding and freezes the pc to the point I need to unplug it.

Somehow managed to run chkdsk /c /f /r and it did dected a few errors (disk read error occurredc0000483. The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters), but other than that, chkdsk was completed successfully.

I also tried to take it out from the enclosure and connected the drive though sata but didnt manage to get any data out. tried to connect it to my mac but it also freezes the computer.

If anyone has experienced something like this?

I'm new to data recovery and have no idea where to start…any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

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