HDD Rom is corrupted so finding a similar PCB would fix the issue?

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Hi all,

Recently due to a faulty PSU, 2 of my hard drives got fried, however as you see here there was no visible damage in the PCB, i went to the first data recovery company to check the PCB and they confirmed that the issue is actually from PCB not the drive as the whole drive is not turning on at all.

Then another data recovery company asked to inspect the board further to check all 12V TVS, etc.. however they told me the sad news that they could not read the ROM on the PCB, therefore sadly even if i replace the PCB it wont work at all ..

They mentioned the reason that its a new kind of hard drives ( Model: ST4000DX001 PCB: 100714259 REV A ) in which its very hard to recover the ROM data if its corrupted …

Is it even possible to a failed power to damage or corrupts the ROM chip?

would it work if i replace the PCB board and transfer the ROM chip to the new one?

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