HDDSuperClone retry zeros?

admin 20 Apr , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I’ve got the 4 yo Seagate IronWolf Pro 6TB that is in physical form damaged. Yeah, just outside the 3 year warranty windows: (. It hasn’t been dropped, but the noise makes it pretty clear it’s not long for our planet. The data isn’t valuable enough to warrant sending out regarding professional recovery. I’m imaging it now, and HDDSuperClone appears to be doing surprisingly properly picking up what is there. The intent is to let it run to completion. It’s at about 85% through right now, still on Phase 1, using Gradual Driver, total skips will be ~2800, skip runs 147, skip reset is 0, base skip size 4014, last run size 48907, slow skips 1815.

What is happening is each once in a while it gets into a state where it receives a crowd of consecutive IO timeouts. The console says “Host IO error 3 during study (TIMED OUT for other reason)”. It continues after waiting for the general timeout value, which I reduced from 60000 in order to 25000. This goes on for some time, then it starts picking up information again at more regular speeds. What I’d like to perform is have HDDSuperClone go back and make a second try at those areas. Right now it appears to be reading them since all zeros.

First question: Will it instantly retry those as “skips” in a later phase?

Second question: Is there a way to tell HDDSuperClone to go back to just about all the locations where it found just zeros and try again? Some of them are probably accurate, because the drive was never filled up in the first place, but some might be because of whatever is causing the timeouts and there might be at least some chance of recovering just a little more.

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