Help! Recovering images/videos from external hard disk

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I am looking for a way to recover my files (images and videos) on my broken hard disk (WD My Passport 2TB), i believe my external hard disk has fallen several times from my little desk which is about 20cm high. After each fall, i usually check the HDD sentinel and which is still good (98% last time i check) and then after the last incident, the day after my laptop (windows explorer) couldnt detect the HDD, but system management and hdd sentinel detected it, then i ran some test and suddenly the health has fallen to 61% i believe.

I tried to make new partitions/initialize the hard disk but it says that i cannot do that, sorry i forgot what it says its been 3 weeks, i want to try to do that thing again but im afraid it will damage my hard drive even more.

Any solution? if, lets say, my request is not possible, is there any way that i can at least see the name of my files/folders?

Thank you!

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