Help – un-format/recover 4tb Veracrypt-encrypted external HDD – Accidentally clicked ‘Quick Format’

Help - un-format/recover 4tb Veracrypt-encrypted external HDD - Accidentally clicked 'Quick Format'

Hi ,

I connected an old 4tb external hdd

This HDD is a Western Digital Black 4tb drive (standard spinning disc not ssd or nvme),

The entire drive was encrypted with Veracrypt, – it is data storage (files and folders only) not the Windows drive.

I do have the correct Veracrypt passwords for both the hard drive and the hidden partition.

I accidentally clicked 'quick format' on the 4gb external hdd which has all of my backup files on it.

I immediately disconnected the hdd as soon as I did this, about half a second after.

I need to either un-format it back to it's encrypted state, or try and access the files.

Will they be recoverable?

I have downloaded R-Studio and Recuva but have no experience with either, and want to know if I need to actually create an image of the disc or if it can just be fixed as-is considering it is not a Windows hdd?

The main hdd password when I enter it nothing is recognised I get standard error box.

The hidden partition password and pim when I enter those I get this below warning.

Can I recover the main partition?

And if I go ahead with the header recovery for the hidden partition, then would that further set back my chances of recovering the rest of the hdd/being able to 'unformat' the disk?

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