Hi guys, I’ve got the weird one for you nowadays. Mini disk data recovery?

admin 06 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Seems doing data recovery appropriately for 15 years, and I just got my first Mini Disk data recuperation request. It’s kinda weird this hasn’t come up however, considering the number of IDE memory sticks we still get to this very day. I’m wondering if anyone offers managed to connect a mini disk reader to a Linux machine, in a way that ddrescue may access?

Do you know the chances attempting this could be destructive? We don’t have a laboratory on site, but we partner with a lab with clean room facilities, and have worked very closely with them over the years to know which drives we can safely recover internal (almost exclusively software problems, with the occasional firmware failing, and very minor mechanical issues). If the answer is “it should go straight to the lab” please let me know that. I want the safest, not fastest, possible outcome for our clients data.

Any tips?

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