Hi ! Need some guidance, I am trying to recover a damaged usb drive

admin 23 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

So basically. My good friend has a 1tb pendrive (I suspect it’s one of those bogus ones) and when she connected it in it gave a mistake saying it had to be formatted. We used recoverit plus it started to get files, however they where all in RAW format, I could only see the file type and the size but it had forgotten what they are called of the files or the folder structure.

We saw we could only recuperate 100mb with the free edition so I went to try and resolve in on the cmd.

I used the order chkdsk X: /f, since I saw online that it gives it the file construction back without deleting something. It came back saying the particular format was exfat and said it was solved

So after that we went to the usb, replugged it in and now this recognises the pendrive, displaying how much space there is remaining and such but no documents are shown at all.

This pendrive acquired very important data and I’m just worried I did the wrong thing here.

Easily take it to a data recuperation place will they be able to get the files from it after the chkdsk command?

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