Hit knee on desk, now my pc is fucked

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The tech gods are just poking me with a stick at this point

I bumped my knee on my desk

pc froze, had to pull power cord

opened and pc stuck in a boot loop

removed a stick of ram,

opened, closed it to add the stick of ram

monitor went no signal,

took both ram sticks out and re seated them

pc is now dead and unbootable

Now, i got windows 10 installation media on an usb. I looked at some guides and this way seemed the best, it said i wont lose my "data".

I looked at windows' own guide but its fairly unclear, it just tells me to "reinstall windows"at the start of the guide, but that is literally my entire problem.


I looked at a different guide, and it explains things better, but this guide reinstalls windows on their c drive. İ dont understand what they mean by c drive. They select their primary drive and say the old files get stashed in windows.old

guide 2

Here is what i see : https://www.reddit.com/user/Professor_Potato007/comments/nhd7s7/pic_for_rtechsupport/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

God i knew this was a chain of disasters when i took a pic of my screen with my phone, tried to upload it to imgur, forgot imgur password, tried to change password, imgur sent an email to my email, i opened gmail, imgur hadnt sent anything, i hqd to upload a pic on my profile, it got tagged NSFW for some reason, maybe i accidentally tagged it.

I will get my pc to An it guy that i know.

but still, hypothetically, lets say i cant, and i have to do it myself.

İ have several questions :

1 – In the 2nd guide, it says that all my programs are lost for sure. İs this true? 2 – what is windows.old and what is stored in it? How can i bring back the stuff in it? Are programs in it? 3 – do i reinstall windows on my primary drive? Does it wipe the entire drive and reinstall only windows? Does it not wipe the drive and keep my files? Like my 1st question, does it really wipe every program? Or not? 4- if my knee bumping on my desk damagrd my hdd, is it still possible to recover the data? İ had tons of games and programs on it.

Thanks, unluckiest man alive for this day.

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