How do i get my files back again that are not showing up about this hard drive (MyBook)?

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How can I get my files back that are not showing up on this hard drive (MyBook)?

We are trying to save lost files from a hard drive that was an external MYBook that my friend required out of the casing and put straight into my computer case as an internal.

I had published here but then forgot Used to do and didn' t return to post so it got archived(see thread here: ).

I have this external that my buddy took out of the casing and set into my computer situation as an internal. He claims that when I asked him to do this that I already could not observe my files but I realize that is BS because I was still able to see my files and thought I still could once it had been put into the case as an inner. I had all my back up data files on it that I did not wish to lose and now I cannot gain access to them.

I am still hoping to recover them but recovery programs are only able to access the first part (and just seemingly 297. 99 Gb of it):

D drive used to be a MyBook external but my pal took it out of the casing and put it within my PC case as an inner. When he did that it became no longer readable. States it was already unreadable but I know it was readable and I was depending on the files to still be there. I feel dissapointed asking him to make it an internal as it was fine as an external but he had informed me that externals cannot be plugged in at all times as they wear down faster or something like that and I needed to access it at all times.

The generate can no longer be read. It reads as RAW today.

349. thirty-one Gb RAW

Not the rest:

1698. 69 Gb Unallocated and 746. 49 Gigabyte Unallocated

Also I don' big t know why it is reading through as RAW and precisely why the rest is unallocated partitioning.: (

Not sure if this information helps yet this is what the Device Properties state for that drive that no longer can read.

I am hoping that I can still recover the particular files but I am unsure what my friend did and when he messed with the partitioning or not. I just know that I haven' t. This beneath is the most hopeful information I had gotten so far and he furthermore said to post here and so i is.

? RandallFlag

Sometimes for those external drives, the particular USB controller on them homes the MFT/MBR and such for your drive, so when taking the drive out of the enclosure and using immediate SATA to the drive, you already know that data and the generate appears empty.

Acquired you not messed with it, presuming it was in a working condition, you might have been able to put it back in the enclosure and seen all the files/folders as normal without issue… having messed with the partitions and such attempting to recover it, it' t possible that data is now gone though. I would nevertheless give that a shot in order to at least test and see if anything at all shows up, it' s nevertheless possible.

You can try a few third party data recovery equipment, that may or may not function, but aside from that you' re look at potentially having to deliver it off to company that provides specialized data recuperation services (lots of dollars) if it' s worth that to you.

Might crosspost this over to r/datarecovery , they might be able to provide you better guidance on tools/software to use if applicable.

Any help is appreciated such as what program I can use to recover my data or what else I can perform. I currently am jobless so I cannot afford to pay for anyone to recover the data. I am at home recovering from major surgical treatment (I just got a kidney transplant and have several complications with the recovery which has slowed down the recovery) so I won' t be going to work any time soon.

Any kind of suggestions are welcome. I hope that THIS is finally the correct place to ask about this.

Thank you.

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