How can i use GetDataBack Pro?

admin 15 Apr , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

After transforming my extern HD right into an ESD, I was scrambling pertaining to data recovery tools and posts for a decent one particular, and decided to go with GDB… after a level 4 check I see a NTFS of 466 GB (about exactly what all my lost data accumulated to), but when I select it, I don’t see anything there…

irritating there, 202MB??? I have over 400GB of data… another programs I started to use at least found all my images, and minitool at least discovered ONE of my Maya files. What am I missing, what do I do next?


–update… well eff myself… I got up to drive > recovery and select my 466gb aaannnd lost all the check out progress… I get to begin this shit aaaalll over.

cuz level 1 and level two scans don’t show that will 466GB ntfs partition

as well as a level 3 and four will take up to 11ish hrs….

someone plz help, I have to get this just about all done today.

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