How do i save my files upon my encrypted drive?

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So , I have a second . 5″ HDD hard drive. They have a sticker on itt that says 2TB encrypted.

I know what the password is, but it is just not so simple

When I plug this in to a mac, it asks for the password. If I enter the proper password it jumps (as if wrong) and demands again. After the second attempt, it accepts the security password but it will not mount. Diskutility will freeze and all. Basically use any other password it will eventually constantly jump and not accept the password of course

After putting in the proper password the second time, it says to me “the hard disk drive is decrypted, now install it in discutility” that i can never do!

I’ve tried every thing. Every terminal command that appears as it would work on the internet. Nothing works. How can I get the data from this hard drive. I clearly know the password to decrypt the drive!

I apolgize in front of the time for the blurry photo. I was in recovery setting and couldn’t get a correct screenshot. I hope its understandable

I significantly appreciate any help for this. My gawsh will I end up being ecstatic if I can get this working again or at least simply retreive the files

This is running mac pc system. I’m not sure could originally encrypted, maybe firevault long ago. either way I need within lol


This drive was from an early on mac. I’m now focusing on the lastest M1 Potential mac, but I’ve attempted it on multiple apple computers on all differing yrs with very similar results

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