How much is too much for recovering data from a 500 GBs HDD?

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My laptop harddrive failed a while ago. I am not exactly a hardware expert but I am familiar with some stuff and tried pretty much every suggestion I could find online short of physically tampering with the drive, but nothing worked. So I decided to send the drive to one of data recovery labs.

I did my research and send the drive to one of the labs with good reviews for free evaluation. I just got an answer saying the harddrive has a “physical failure” but data could be recovered (no detail about what physical failure is) and a price quote of $ 1,300.

Now, obviously I was not expecting a $ 100 cost but I feel like this is a ripoff for recovering data from a 500 GBs HDD. I realize pricing is made on a case by case basis and I don’t know what is the exact nature of the problem with the drive. But isn’t the price too much?

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