How Recover Within Last 10-20mins?

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There are no "restore points" on the computer…

Microsoft makes "Restore points" off by default…

Need to create "restore points"

How much % to give to "restore points"?

What % of disk should it be? Why?

Are there any good data recovery tool that can scan inside wherever the browser files are located? Maybe it can recover the old ones

Edge signed in to outlook (Microsoft account) without me signing in. I signed in to outlook via a Microsoft app the other time but that was only to sign into that one app. That was it. I guess Microsoft made us sign in everywhere else

When opened Edge, outlook was signed in, so I signed out.

When signed out it asks if wanted to "Clear all history and everything on this device"

I was confused why outlook was signed in in the first place, and I just wanted to sign out of the outlook, so I just put "Yes" since all I wanted to do was to sign out. I was confuse why it was asking that anyway since I just pressed "sign out"

Then it says "Profile 2" and everything was gone, passwords, etc and I was confused what happened

On Chrome, it doesn't do this, and it doesn't do this in other broswers. It just signs you out when you press "sign out"

I don't know my passwords or anything else, some things were on Edge.

How to see list of all profile? How to recover all profiles? Is there a way to restore anything? How to see if there's any Windows backups?

Where do we see if there's any backups on windows within the last 10-20 mins? I don't think there are any backups by the way.

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