How to find files affected affected by bad sectors? (CD/DVD -> iso9660, udf filesystems)

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Cheers, I'm reading old optical discs back onto spinning rust, and predictably hit a few unreadables. I'm using GNU ddrescue to read as much as possible from the discs while keeping track of unread/unreadable areas on each disc. (And multiple drives, and toothpaste 😀 )

Is there a way to turn the recovered image and ddrescues's logfile into a list of files that reside in the unread sectors? (Case in point – don't want to spend hours trying to recover all data from a game disk if that missing data is an easily obtainable directx runtime installer; Or, which of these video do I need to re-download, drop from collection, etc.)


I'm looking for the mapping feature separately because I'm used to that workflow from using ddrescue + debugfs. Apparently, Isobuster should be able to do both, but is windows-only, and apparently works with its own "managed image format". Does anyone have experience with this? I'm definitely not looking forward to spending yet more hours to let isobuster acquire the hardly-readable data I already have.

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