How to recover files from an LG Android phone?

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last night I decided to delete my entire Photos and Screenshots folder to clear space, unfortunately it ended up deleting my Twitter folder and a different folder which was was certain screenshots. I think the reasons it did that was because I went into my files in my setting/storage (I went there because it only seems to recognize cleared space after I delete some files I don't use, I've been doing that for a while now). But I ended up deciding to delete my DCIM, Gallery, and Pictures folders not knowing it would effect those to folders.

I mainly want to recover my screenshots. I tried googling, and it first says to "Open the Start Menu and type "file history"." and I have no idea what a start menu even is. I think I might have a limit of 60 days to recover them, but I'm not totally sure. Can I recover these files, if so how?

Thank you.

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