I accidentally shift deleted all of the files in a partition of samsung 980 nvme SSD. trying to recover those documents but I can only observe file names and document sizes, when recovered they have 000000 viewed in hex viewer. there are some photos (passed away family member) that i need to recover. pls help

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Close it off and stop attempting things. The data you’re taking a look at has been TRIM’d. Depending on the specific model of the drive, this might be recoverable with a specialist still, but that requires both the drive’s controller to become supported by specialist equipment and for garbage selection to not have gotten to the information yet. By scanning this generate for data, you are most likely already outside of that windowpane of time if there was actually a chance in the first place.

[edit] It doesn’t look like this is backed by the PC3000 Portable 3, so after execution there was never a chance of recovery. There may have been a home window in which it could have been cloned prior to TRIM execution, yet that would have likely been very brief, and depending on your description already long passed

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