I can still recover files after using several different file shredders.

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I have been deleting sensitive files with Eraser for a while, and have wiped free space several times with it, but I decided to run Recuva to see if Eraser actually worked and Recuva came back with quite a few results, some recoverable some not. Then I saw on a post PhotoRec was giving better results with better recovering supposedly shredded files. When I used it filled up my hard drive with all of the data (I assume) wasn't actually shredded.

I have since tried to use the cipher command in CMD and file shredder, both which have given me no good results, still being able to recover my drives free space in data.

(BTW this is around 130GB of data when I ran PhotoRec for the first time I only had 500MB of space left from the recovered data filling the rest, so this can't just duplicates like I have seen other posts say, which I'm not sure how that would work.)

I have a couple of questions about my problem and how I could rectify it:

  1. How is this happening, if the file shredder apps are doing stuff, which judging by my disc usages during running said apps, they are doing something. How is the data recoverable if they are actually writing data. Could they just be writing the same data there instead of the random data they are supposed to?
  2. Could I just copy and paste a decently sized file until it takes up all my space, then delete, either by shredding or just the default windows delete. Would this solve the problem and just fill the free space with that item I copy-pasted (is there a way to automate this?)
  3. Could I recover all data, encrypt said data using something like veracrypt, then just delete that using either a file shredder or the explore delete function, then all the deleted data would be in an encrypted form, thus solving it in a roundabout way?
  4. Is it possible to just have an app, or even do it manually, that sets all unused data to 0. Thus having no random data at all. This is the approach I would rather take but no apps I have used so far have this option.
  5. When running eraser's 'Erased Unused Disc space' it just fills my drive with random data. Is this eraser overwriting the deleted data with random data?
  6. I know windows just sets the space on the drive to be free when deleted using the delete function in explorer, so is there a way to make windows 0 all data when deleting it.

I have been having this problem for the last few days and am having no look finding help online, any help is appreciated (a tonne).

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