I should recover a deleted video file – is there anything else I should try?

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My friend knew my slightly geeky tendencies and gave me a MicroSD memory card from which a specific video has been accidentally deleted. Some mispushes with the camera buttons, apparently.

Now I’ve been scanning the card with various applications in order to recover the video file. By my layman’s logic it shouldn’t have been overwritten since the camera hasn’t been used since the deletion.

So far DataEase has found a strange two-gigabyte .swf file, whose size could be similar to the lost video. But why would it be .swf? Reading r/datarecovery I found some recommendations of R-Studio, which I tried too. The results were equally poor, besides the .swf file was missing.

So could you please help me to figure out what options I have left. Is there any other info you would need? If R-Studio doesn’t find a file, does it exist at all? Should I try still some other application? Should I consult a professional and do they have more powerful recovery software than R-Studio?

What looks strange to me is that by file names it looks like the lost file hasn’t ever been in the card at all. The file names don’t skip a single number (e.g. 045.mpg, 046.mpg, 047.mpg) while the creation date indicates that there should (or should there) be a missing number for the lost file. Would that have anything to do with the scan results? Should I double-check that I was actually given the right memory card? (Which would be as ridiculous as it sounds, of course.)

Thanks in advance!

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