I think my Hdd is dying. Should I be trying ddrescue at this point

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To put the recent events of my pc in chronological order. Two days ago my pc began running unbearably slow which lead to my checking event viewer. There I found message after message saying

the device /device has had a bad block

I then shutdown my computer only to find it would never properly start again. I press the power button and the motherboard logo comes up, and then just a black screen. I tried listening to my Hdd in that process and there weren’t any catastrophic noises so I don’t think mechanical failure may have occurred yet

To try and resolve the issue yesterday I accessed the cmd prompt window via, the repair my computer option from a bootable windows installation usb

Inputting the command chkdsk /f /r chkdsk /f /r /x C: chkdsk /f /r /x D:

Has not resolved the issue either

So my plan now is to use a usb stick with ubuntu Which will then allow me to use ddrescue. I’ll be getting a Samsung ssd of 2Tb which is the same size as my dying Hdd to clone.

Is it just as simple as leave the Hdd attached to my computer via SATA cable. Install my new ssd into the motherboards pcie slot. Then run ddrescue to copy over the clone. I think that might be simplifying the process a bit but any helpful advice or alternative solutions would be welcome.

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