Idiotically deleted partition thinking it was a new drive I’d just installed – best software to recover it?

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I installed a new hard drive into my windows PC and went into disk management to initialise and format it so I could use it. For some reason known only to my brain, I mistook 2 existing drives I use for data storage as the new drive and deleted the partitions (thinking for some reason the new drive was split into 2 partitions). I normally know better than this but something that took a few seconds to do now needs un-doing as quickly and low cost as possible (but I need all the data recovered, which I would assume I should be able to do as I've only deleted the partition and not formatted anything).

Some Googling later showed a lot of different software that can recover the data and all at varying prices. The sheer volume of software is confusing and I have no idea which is the best one to use. The data is valuable to me, and whilst I do have a backup, it's not a complete backup so will lose quite a bit of data if I can't recover what's on the drives. I've seen quite a few at the £99/$99 mark which is quite expensive for me (such as prosoft data rescue). I've also seen a cheaper one which is Acronis disk director. Are either of these any good? Are there others I should look at?

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