I’m an idiot. Please help if you can. Deleted many important videos from my IOS device.

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I'm actually quite computer literate but I really bungled this one. Needed to free up some space on my iPad for work… only had it for a few months and I didn't know that it had synced/downloaded my entire photo library onto it. Quick fix was to delete some videos (and then clear recently deleted, as well) but really didn't know that they would then disappear from my iPhone and my iCloud as well. Why isn't there an option to do this to free up space on your device? Or why doesn't it ask you? Grrrr.

More info… I have iCloud photos turned on and back-up to iCloud fairly recently… this data has got to exist somewhere, right? RIGHT? Deletion only happened 2 nights ago, FYI.

My phone has backed itself up since the deletion as I was not aware of the scope of the loss. Is there anyway to restore from an old backup? How many previous backups does your iOS device or iCloud keep?

Disk Drill has rendered poor results and UltData has been better but still incomplete.

Please help if you have anything positive to offer… TIA

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