I’m fairly certain I just nuked ~800GB of data. HELP.

admin 15 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

So I’m an idiot and decided to work on partitioning while tired. Currently working on the relative’s computer and required a bootable windows drive. Since I can’t find my flash drive, I figured that I would just partition off some space upon my external hard drive that a bootable drive from there to install windows. I shrank the drive and offered the new partition a generate letter. Then, in my stupidity, I used the Windows Mass media Creation Tool. I chosen the newly created partition and allowed it to accomplish its work. However , the particular tool completely unallocated other space on the drive. It only had one major partition on it, but it experienced probably 12 years value of data that’s fundamentally unrecoverable. The drive which i partitioned for Windows increased by about 2GB during the procedure as well.

I am I completely screwed or even is there any way I can recover my data?

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