I’m new to data recovery. I have a complex issue and I’m looking for some advice.

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My 2020 MacBook pro 16” ( i9, 2.3GHz 8-core, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD storage) spontaneously stopped turning on 2 days ago so I took it to apple. The technician tried various things including accessing the t2 and couldn’t get any response from the machine. They concluded that the cpu / logic board, touch id board all needed to be replaced, amounting to $1400 repair fee which is luckily covered under AppleCare.

Also, I was up at a cottage, it rained all week and I have a hunch that the damage was caused by condensation building up inside the machine from being in a humid environment.

Ok now for the unlucky, I have nearly a years worth of data, thousands of hours of my work amounting to over a terabyte of stuff that I don’t have backed up. I know this is incredibly stupid on my part but atm I’m just trying to deal with the situation.

Apple does not offer data recovery so all my data will be lost if I go through with the repair. If I take the computer to a 3rd party data recovery company the AppleCare warranty will void and I’ll have to pay the repair out of pocket. There’s even a small chance that they could refuse to repair entirely. I asked to buy the damaged parts off of apple after the repair so I could attempt data recovery but they refused, it’s there policy to keep everything.

My biggest issue is that I’m extremely tight on money (I’m 24, a year out of school and have just started my career as an artist / designer) and I’m not sure if I can afford data recovery and the repair out of pocket.

These are the data recovery questions I was hoping someone here might have answers to:

  1. I know that some types of data recovery are more expensive than others (I’ve seen quotes from $300-$3000 online). Given that the computer is completely unresponsive, likely from mild water damage from contestation, do you think 3rd party data recovery will be more into the $1000s range?

  1. What is the likelihood that my data can be recovered? The Apple technician said the probability that they could recover it is extremely low, but given that they aren't required to attempt data recover the probability that they will even try is low.

  1. I have about 1.3tb of data on the damaged drive however only about 200GB is really important to me, largely in my documents, desktop and image folders. Probably a stupid question but could I request that only these folders be recovered and would that save any money?

  1. Is there a chance that a data recovery company could damage or not return a part of the computer if I send it in? I know all the inner components of the MB pros are soldered to the logic board making them more difficult to work on. I'm just worried that apple will refuse to do the repair entirely if the insides have been tampered with.

  1. Any recommendations for data retrieval companies? I'm in Waterloo, ON, Canada,.an hour from Toronto.

I know this is a lot of information. Big thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. I'm completely at a loss right now so I really appreciate any advice.

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