Iphone 3 data recovery

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Iphone 3 data recovery

My dad passed away one decade ago today while I was a teen. I was given his Iphone 3 after he passed because no one knew what to do with it and I never touched it. Fast forward to now and I'd like to see what music he listened to and what photos he had of us on it. The only issue is that the sim card and sim tray are missing. On top of that I have no idea what the password is. I've connected it to my PC via the old charger it came with and found it has around 6 GB of data on it. However, the only folder that shows is the DCIM folder which opens with nothing inside it. I figure this is because the phone is currently locked and says it needs to be activated as there's no sim installed. Is there anything I can do to access those files?


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