Is it feasible / worth attempting recuperation after thief reformatted internal SSD on MacBookPro?

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Issue: Is it worth attempting recovery from 1 TB inner SSD after reformat?

  • MacBookPro 15 2017 (MacBookPro14, 3)

  • OS: macOS Catalina 10. 15. 6 19G73 x86_64

  • CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ (8) @ 2 . 80GHz

  • GPU: Intel HD Visuals 630, Radeon Pro 5iphon scam

  • Memory: 16Gb

Backstory: Laptop was stolen and I locked this remotely using Apple’s “FindMy”. I have recovered the notebook and it works, but it appears I didn’t lock it quickly enough, because someone reformatted the SSD to try to bypass it. MacOS refuses to boot now. Questionmark folder at startup.

I can get it booted directly into Recovery Mode and can connect to WIFI.

You will find only tried DiskDrill (useless, I know) to check the drive but it will not seem to find much other than a few hundred EFI record files and cache documents. (just including this info w screenshot to exhibit was DiskDrill shows concerning the drive)

It seems the thief did the secure wipe, not just a quick reformat.

  1. Is there a tool that has a decent chance at recuperating my system?

  2. Should I just cut my losses? OR should I simply reinstall, and allow my iCloud / Google Drive back-up to rebuild? I have no complete system backups – just cloud sync of anything in iCloud plus Google Drive. Most of data / photos are supported to the cloud but you can find Applications installed I may not be able to get license keys for again.

I’ve looked over lots of tools mentioned with this subreddit, but my head’s spinning because I can’t tell which of them I can scan the notebook from a “live” USB stay.

I You do not have an enclosure I can use to remove the SSD and attach it on another program.

I DO possess a 1TB external drive I could recover files off from the laptop computer onto.

I ACTUALLY DO have access to a windows PC and also a mac-mini and a Linux VM on Parallels.

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