Is it possible to access/recover data from Synology NAS RAID 0 (2 HDDs) with my Windows 10 PC (drives are fine)

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It turns out somehow it was RAID 1 instead, I was able to use DiskInternals Linux Reader to navigate to the volume and copy over the files I needed.

I had an old Synology NAS with 2x2TB hdd's in it set up with RAID 0. The power adapter of the NAS died so the NAS itself is dead but the drives are in fine working condition. I was already thinking of updating to a newer NAS with more space so was hoping to just avoid ordering a replacement power adapter and I want to get some of the data off before investigating replacements.

I've already connected the two drives to my Windows 10 PC and I can see the drives in the Disk Management but it's not registering the drives right as it's basically treating them as blank with 100% freespace. I'm assuming I need to somehow configure 'something' to be able to recognize those two drives as being part of RAID 0?

But I don't know if thats even possible? Is there a way for me to be able to access the array as if it were any other volume? Am I going about this problem in the wrong way?

What I've tried, searched, read

I tried googling around a bunch and was skeptical of trying the reclaime or freeraidrecovery tools, and I tried using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool, but there were 0 options to actually configure or do anything with that tool, it just gives me information about the drives it detects. I did check my BIOS and saw an option to change from AHCI Mode to RAID Mode but I was concerned about changing that setting with an already installed OS/drives and it didn't look like i could just select these two drives and set just them to be part of a RAID configuration. My Motherboard is an ASUS Z170-A if that is helpful information.


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