Is it possible to reconstruct a deleted and partially re-written partition?

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While I was trying to clone and repartition an external hard drive that I had, I either messed up something or the program malfunctioned with the result of writing 30GB over the main partition. The main partition on this drive had been about a TB but with only 90GB on it, but when I plug it in it shows with only the 30GB partition with the other 900GB in unallocated. Is there any kind of software that can still restore this? I don't need to recover the whole operating system or any of the applications since this is a fairly new PC, but I would really like to recover some game save files that I have. To do that though, I would need to get some software that can also reconstruct the data into the folder that it was originally in. Is it actually possible to partially reconstruct the lost data like this if a third was already written over? Can anyone recommend my best options for software to use? Thanks in advance for the help

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