Will be my windows 10 SSD recoverable? Stuck in “preparing bitlocker” — > Blue Screen WDF_Violation loop.

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Hello I was directed to yall when asking if my bitlockered laptop is recoverable. What are your thoughts?

It is perpetually stuck in a cycle between “preparing bitlocker” and then the particular bluescreen that says “WDF_Violation”.

I talked with my job' s THIS department and they were very occupied, but said the drive can’t be recovered. Yet when I run drive diagnostics in bios, the drive is recognized and passes just fine. Should I bring the issue back up with IT? I feel like the drive remains recoverable, but they just didn’t have got time to look at it. Am I wrong? Is there anything else I can do in the particular bios to verify that it is actually recoverable?

TLDR: I think my hard drive is usually recoverable, but want to confirm this is actually the case before pressing further.

More details here: https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/lkmhi5/is_my_windows_10_ssd_recoverable_stuck_in/

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