is there a way to recover a hard drive that has been basically cleared

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ive been asking around if theres a way to get my things back, since recently i had my pc repaired (reset), by someone along with losing all the things on my computer. I've been looking all over my pc to see if i could find my data somewhere, maybe theres some kind of hidden part in one of the drives, but mostly, i wanted to know if there was some kind of way i could reverse actions that are done to the computer, even though im sure there isnt, i feel like its somehow possible to revert it to its normal state before it was reset. the drive that was affected was my c drive, the drive name was renamed to local disk. it was originalled called windows. my c drive had all my files on it. my d drive was used so i could fit projects that i couldnt on my c drive because it was constantly almost full. the solution my repairer came up with was that my pc was having issues because my c drive was clogged and then proceeded to reset my computer. and i wanted to know, if theres some place i can go to get my files recovered, or to do something to my drive, or something i can do to get my things back, there has to be some kind of way to fix this problem right, even if its just a little bit of my stuff, btw, theres also a system restore that i found, that was apparently made automatically, im wondering if those are made before something like this reset would happen and if i could go back to that and get my files, even when i clicked on it, it said that the files effected would be on the c drive, so i was just assuming that my things would be there. i wanted to know if there was a way to extract the files from that restore point and put them on a hard drive, and then just wipe my computer clean. i still feel like theres some kind of chance, this happened awfully recently, but i have been on my computer kind of often but ive refrained and tried to leave it alone while i come to a solution and get my things solved. well, with this, is there anything any of you guys can do to help me out? feel free to ask questions if you need help coming up with some kind of solution for me, ill answer anything you need as best as i can. once again, thank you very much. i thank you all again in advance.

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