Is usually spin-stand microscopy the future of harddrive data recovery?

admin 20 Apr , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I saw recently the thought of “spin-stand microscopy”, which, as I understand it, is the idea of using some sort of magnetic reading through head to image the hard generate without actually interfering with it. I understand that for the time being, this does not seem to be commercially available or even in widespread use, and while it seems to have been talked about by some very reputable engineering/electronics experts, this was a long time ago. However , I also understand that, if viable, it has the ability to read all of the data that’s still over the drive (in contrast to, for example , a head alternative that’ll stop if it gets to a scratch on the platter). I’m just a techie nerd with no more than layperson understanding, but I’m curious and this does seem pretty great, so I’m wondering: are these claims a direction that data recovery might shift in the future? Or is it far fetched/pseudoscience?

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