LaCie hardware encryption

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Hello folks,

I’ve bought a LaCie 5TB Mobile Drive a couple of years ago and have lost access to the files.

Slowly but surely the hard drive link became more unstable in order to where I had the force the USB C wire into the hard drive in a particular manner to gain access to this.

I’m at this point completely unable to do this. Hard drive still spins, however it stops if I move the particular cable in any way, and does not attach.

When linking it via an external HDD reader it shows up, using a size way smaller than 5 TB with no file access. I assume this is the hardware encryption at work, which I did not realize was in place with these LaCie drives, hence I made no backup. Hindsight is 20/20..

Apparently the drive only works paired with all the original hardware encryption chip.
So if any element of your external HDD craps out, you cannot just take away the drive and study it

I’ve even bought the same generate just to try to use the nick to read it out, to no avail.

Is there any way to override this hardware encryption?


Lost entry to 5TB external HDD after chip got fried, trying to find any way to override LaCie hardware encryption.

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