Last Texts from Deceased Friend

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I was cleaning out my trunk yesterday and found a gut punch. It was a bubble wrap media envelope the insurance company sent me with my broken Galaxy S3 inside. The screen still shattered from dropping it perfectly on the concrete. They just replaced it with a new phone and switched the SD cards. It was simple.

The phone still turns on, but I can’t see anything on the busted screen. I asked if SMS messages were recoverable and they said no, so I accepted that. After finding this community I figured I would ask since keeping it all these years.

The phone has the last text messages between me and a very close friend who lost her battle to cancer just a few days later. I would love to have them and reminisce on our convos, even if it’s just text on a screen. Is there any way I can recover these? The phone will power on but nothing else.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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