Linux formatted my NFTS HARD DRIVE which I was using since storage for Windows how much can I recover?

admin 09 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

So I was doing a linux installation and I was plannig to install it on my spare 500GB HARD DRIVE but instead it installed itself on 3TB HDD which I was using for all our apps on windows and everything my games, I had lots of folder which were full of documents on it and I was wondering just how much can I recover? With Photorec I can recover the majority of this but it is all an info drop instead of how it used to be and all the names have been changed to just random stuff, simply no folders or anything and Diskdigger just didn’t work for me and now I am intending to take it to a datarecovery expert and he is telling myself that the chance of me getting the structured folders i had includes a very low chance of happening but what about the file titles and stuff? He informed me also that it is quite worse because of the different partition scheme that will Linux uses and so I was just wondering waht I should expect from a datarecovery? I had 2 . 2TB of stuff saved on it and so I feel just really stressed and even had photos from like 2007 on it so I just really need to know what I can expect

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