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Sorry about this long story, and sorry if my english is not that good!

A long time ago, around 2011, the "My images" folder in my computer (windows XP at the time) dissappeared. I am pretty sure a friend of mine just deleted it, and then deleted it from recycle bin. I had there all my teenager photos (many, many photos, it still hurts to remember it). I now can't remember most of those years, and it would be so incredible to be able to retrieve those photos. I still have that hard disk.

Now another story: shortly after the previous story I got a new computer. In a few years it was working very slow, so, around 2016, an IT guy friend of the family took it to fomat it. The guy, when passing my files to a new hard disk, his one, saw that a certain percetage of my files were corrupted, and just clicked to delete them all (out of fear of corrupting his disk I think). Finally it turned out they were so many. Some folders that had hundreds of photos had now 10 or 20. Still can't understand why would he do that without asking me. After this, I have used that computer for 5 more years until right last month, when I bought a new one. Still have the old one here with all it's disks.

My question then is: can I retrieve this all or is it too late? The first disk is so old, the second, also old, and formated. Is there any hope for me?

Now that I have a new computer I could leave my old one recovering files for days if necessary, as I have heard it takes a long time.

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