Lost data while partitioning

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Hey, I was altering the partitions in my HDD (Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SATA) and somehow, accidentally, the partition with majority of data became unallocated space.

It had a small empty and formatted partition of ~145GB which I wanted to combine with the main partition of ~785GB because I was having trouble changing my OS (fyi, Windows 10 doesn’t boot from the HDD, I have a separate SSD for that). I deleted the volume of the small partition so it became unallocated space, as wanted. I was trying to extend volume of the main partition but was stuck on the error ‘there is not enough space on the drive’. I tried to decrease the size of extension volume but was getting the message on even down to 1MB. The main partition had about 650GB of data. I don’t remember what I did, but I deleted the main partition volume so it is now an unallocated space. How can I ever recover it? If I try to create a new volume, I’ll have to format it, deleting all the data that’s present but hidden. I’ve never done data recovery before so I don’t know the basics of it. Also, I called the data recover facilities near me but they’re costing me more than I can afford.

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