Lost pictures and videos after transfer last week, no clue where they ended up. Recovery software not finding them, does find TONS of other much older files.

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Dear /r/datarecovery

Last week, I have transferred about 4 albums from my phone to my laptop, part to my external hard drive.
This week, I cannot seem to find the album I am looking for. This album has atleast 500 pictures.

The filename is very clear, as well as that all those pictures have been made in e.g. VID_202101 or IMG_202102.

I used a recovery app and since the date is known, as well as the filename prefix, I can find a ton of files that are both recoverable and irrecoverable, some dating way older… I cannot seem to find any trace on the phone of those 500 pictures, besides a few pieces.

I checked all my partitions on my laptop with Recuva, nothing with that prefix… I checked my external hard disk, also no results. Tons and tons of results of deleted files come up, again both recoverable and irrecoverable… But no trace of what I'm looking for.

I cut and paste the files from my phone to my laptop/external drive.

It seems like the files have never existed, they leave pretty much no trace. Those that I did find, were the files I deleted last month, way before I transferred the files.

How can I trace back where my files are? Is there maybe somewhere a log telling me an action such as "copied files from Location A to Location B"? I'm absolutely stunned.

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