Minitool data recovery recovering system image is acting strange?

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I have accidentally wiped my external harddrive in cmd clean image delete. I am trying to recover the files with minitool data recovery. My hardrive had a system image backup on it as well as some normal files. It has 1TB of space the scan shows that 3.06TB of files have been found. I have been recovering files overnight its found many many partitions and i am up to 8 now and maybe only 30%done its being saved on a seperate harddrive which has enough space for this but when i have looked through the files its a lot of dir files and what seems like aingle system folders with random system files. I have found a couple of folders which i recognise as my documents say they contain jpeg but when i try open them it says system files not supported. Really worried about this so far, is this normal, or should i use a different program?

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