Movie footages all mixed up right after DVD player HDD files removal

admin 19 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Our family has a DVD player from BBK Electronics from like a lot more than 10 years ago and my father had recorded many of our outdated family footages into this particular DVD player’s HDD. However , the DVD player basically stopped working in the recent years and my father just passed away recently, and so i realized that I had to save these types of family footages from that will HDD. The HDD is certainly from Maxtor (DiamondMax ten, Model: 6L250R0, 250GB, PATA 133 HDD).

I took the HARD DRIVE to a data recovery firm and they have helped me to extract all the video files from there. They were all in mpeg file format after extraction but playable, though the footages are all confused. E. g. clip The plays for 15-20 just a few seconds then clip B chimes in for 15 seconds and it gets back to clip A. Therefore I’m actually in the process of video editing, hoping to get them back into the right order….

I wonder if could because the recovery company could hardly find the correct codec for removal or it’s a normal issue when you extract these previous formats from such an older device to the computer. Will there be a way to extract all the videos as they were? If not, I’ll just have to continue my movie editing I guess: p

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