My 32 GB microSDcard became RAW with reduced capacity

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  1. Windows detect it as removable disk but ask to be formatted everytime i click the drive
  2. Disk Mangaement identified it as" healthy" but Raw format with only 5.71 GB capacity.
  3. The 5.71 GB was actually my free space before it got corrupted. Looks like it secured my missing 25 GB of files.
  4. Cannot be formatted.
  5. The 5.71 GB identified as unallocated in any 3rd party recovery software. Missing partition doesn't appear in any recovery software making recovery quite impossible.

If that's how sd cards protect your files when it gets damaged, how can i recover it?

Thanks for any input on this one. I've been stress for weeks. Got some really important files and some sentimental ones in my card that i want to recover.

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