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Backstory: I was copying images/videos off my wife's Galaxy S10 to back them up. I was copying them to an 5TB WD external hard drive. I cut/pasted them from the phone to the external hard drive. Everything seemed to transfer ok with no issue. I was then going to take that drive and make a backup on another drive for redundancy as a temporary solution until I get a NAS or something setup.

Unfortunately I never got that far as the folder I copied over showed up on the new drive for a brief moment but I couldn't open it. I got an error when I tried to open it which I unfortunately didn't copy down but it basically said that it can't find the path or can't open it. After I closed out/acknowledged the error, the folder straight up disappeared so I can't see what the error actually said now.

I am freaking out a little bit now. I kept nagging my wife that I needed to back this stuff up before she drops/loses her phone and now it's likely gone and I feel like I'm partially to blame. Normally when I copy stuff, I would wait to delete it from the phone until I have it properly backed up in two locations. I was in a hurry and tired though so here we are.

  1. I recently moved to Okinawa, Japan (small island) so sending this off to a Pro isn't something I can easily do and would worry more about the drive disappearing/getting damaged in shipping.
  2. What's interesting is that I definitely noticed I had over 500GBs left on that drive before I copied stuff over and the amount is now at around 460GB so it would seem "something" is still on the drive but not sure if it's corrupted/accessible or not.
  3. I thought it might be easier to get the files off the phone since it's a smaller drive but the phone isn't rooted and everything I'm researching says it most likely isn't possible as that part of the phone isn't recoverable on a non-rooted device.
  4. I have no problem forking over some money for recovery software but what should I use? I currently have ReclaiMe running but it's at like 20% after running over night on the 5TB drive and the preview thing does show a few files that was in one of the two folders but the preview portion hasn't really added anything else so I don't know if it will find the rest of it or if I'm just wasting time.

A lot of software that comes up in a normal google search tends to seem like a scam or contain malware so any help is appreciated.

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