Newb here. Accidentally formatted a External 2TB HDD. Send halp.

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Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to data recovery in general, this time I got into trouble that has overpowered me in every sense lol. I don't know where to start, so any help is appreciated

Short summary of what happened:
– Connected several USB thumbdrives to my pc (runs windows 7 64 bit) to install bootable ISO images (in order to format other computers)
– Due to a hurry and carelessness I enabled the "List USB disk drives" on Rufus usb tool
– Without noiticing I had selected my external HDD, in which I keep my personal files/photos/info I wiped it out through Rufus using Quick format option
– whathaveidone.jpg when I realised it has been wiped out
– Already tried googling and several data recovery tools, nominally EaseUs recovery, Recuva, DMDE, R-Studio and TestDisk 7.2
– Failure up until now with everyone of them, save with DMDE but only managed to get a few files (like some game save files and a couple mp4 videos, adding up a total of 3 GB), every other option doesn't list my lost directories or archives or hangs up like EaseUs, or doesn't even get close to recovery like Recuva.
– Had approximately 800GB of important data to recover on that disk, rest of info is downloadable but those important/unrecoverable data are what I'm after
– Don't know where to go from here


– Target drive is a Samsung M3 Portable SCSI 2TB external HDD USB 3.0, exactly like this one:

– All my target files are personal work/files and have no other backup means (around 800GB as stated). They were on a FAT32 partition (occuping the whole drive in order to make it recognizable for PS3 use too) working perfectly for 4+ years already, just been formatted once to FAT32 from NTFS when bought and now been formatted to NTFS again due to this accident.

– Quick format option from RUFUS usb tool was used as well as "List USB drives" as well.

– Pretty much can't afford a licensed program right now due to Pandemic income shortage

– No specialized Data recovery techs in my country/city (save for one but way too expensive in a neighboring city that 1 day of travel far apart)

– Everything was done in Win7 64 bits

Any help/guidance is appreciated! If there's a chance to get guidance via DM that'd be awesome too, will seek a way to compensate that. Those files are important for me and I don't know how to keep going for a succesful recovery! Thanks in advance, and sorry for any bad english (not my main language)

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