Not sure what the hell happened to my hard drive – it’s preventing me from going into BIOS/POST

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My computer was vibing all day, restarted my PC because a program I had installed on this hard drive wasn't working and task manager wasn't responding properly, booted it up again, tried the program again then rebooted cus I had the exact same issue, then my motherboard was like "Nah bud, something's fucked"

I reduced my computer components to the main hard drive, GPU and keyboard and then slowly refitted the hard drive SATA cables until the hard drive in question (2TB Western Digital) was inserted and the motherboard went back to being unable to POST/Show the BIOS.

I've uninstalled this hard drive now, which sucks cus I'm 2TB down and the program I want to use I have to reinstall.

As I hear sounds are important, it clicks and it makes a beep as the hard drive starts up.

I don't know what the hell's on it besides games and programs, but I'd sure as hell like to restore anything that might have to do with my cat that passed away a couple of years ago.

Edit: General location is UK, Oxfordshire

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