NTFS to FAT32. Enormous data lost.

admin 22 Apr , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

My Toshiba 1TB HDD has 415GB worth information with 585GB available room to use when I plugged in to my Mac this morning. My friend lent the drive who was looking for 16GB. Little did I am aware she was trying to download Windows 10 from the Ms website to boot her HP machine. I also gave her my other Dell laptop computer to get her work accomplished since the NTFS drive cant be writtento on my Mac. She downloaded the particular ISO files and adopted the instructions and boom… my drive now comes up as FAT32 with 34 GB used space plus 34GB available. I am now broken having lost all my documents and photos and videos. I don’t have a copy of any elsewhere. What do I actually do to recover the last of the lost data? Please help.

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