NYC hard drive recovery options

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To put it simply, I was stupid and didn't properly set up my RAID system resulting in a 20TB G-RAID crapping out after only a few years and not mounting. The drive has basically my entire portfolio of work on it (film industry). I took it to a shop and they quoted my $5k+ to repair it.

so I guess my questions are 1. am I being taken for a ride with that price? I know it's a lot of data but damn. 2. does anyone know any alternatives in the NYC area that would be slightly more affordable?

notes from the shop

Visual notes: dust, scuffs
Customer Reported Symptom: shows in DU but will not mount or show any partitions Accidental damage/Liquid: no known damage or liquid contact
Customer Expectations: get data
Does customer need data?: yes please
User Name/Password: no password
Preferred contact method: email
Accessories: power supply 12v 5a
BIN: rainforest cafe

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