Understand the Best Means to Convert MP4 in order to WMV

MP4 video files though compatible with many video clip players, fail to play on a program that got the recent Home windows update as the system does not retain the supported codec or decoder designed for playing the transferred or downloaded MP4 files. The best way to make these videos playable is to convert all of them into Windows Media…

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Information recovery on MBP SSD’s damaged drive?

It seems like I’ve used up most space on my MBP, and when I rebooted it became corrupted/inoperable.

I was wondering if it’s possible to recover any data from this? I have some sensitive documents that will haven’t backed up due to poor web connection. On disk utility it states the drive could not be mounted and I can’t find the drive with the terminal.

Thank you!

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Are these the best backup strategies?

So I fucked up my macbook and when restoring the time machine backup the hard drive failed somehow.

I was able to recover our backup drive, thanks to all of your software recommendations and tips on this subreddit!

However I realized that my backup technique is still somewhat fragile.

So as the title says: What are your backup strategies? How do you prevent needing to do any kind of information recovery (again)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Greatest and Easy Ways to Backup Google Generate Data

Google Drive is the most popular and hassle-free cloud storage and synchronization device for users. Its free storage space shared with Gmail and Google Photos is 15GB is enough for many individuals plus small-scale businesses. Other than on internet browser, it can be used in mobile devices and desktop computers to store data by posting or synchronizing processes….

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