Painfully slow disk recovery

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1TB Maxtor drive. smartctl gives the all clear but HD Sentinel reports 26% health and 90 days life remaining. bought a replacement drive to be safe and trying to backup now.

  • tried a copy paste in windows but the system keeps locking up and becoming unresponsive.
  • tried clonezilla to clone disk to disk but cancelled as it was stuck on 0.24% for around 15-20 minutes.
  • running ddrescue on knoppix now and after leaving it for 6 hours it has only done 10%. ddrescue hasnt reported any bad or skipped areas so far – its just crushingly slow.

while i'd be ok with taking 60 hours for 100% (assuming the time required doesn't increase further), i'm more worried about the drive dying on me during this time. any suggestions? if there's a quicker way to grab essential files before continuing the long ddrescue it'd be great.

ddrescue -f /dev/sdc /dev/sdb /home/knoppix/ddrescue.log 

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