Password recovery for truecrypt volume very much needed

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Hey everyone,

I hope this is the correct forum to ask. I forgot the password for a truecrypt volume of mine that contains very important information to me. I'm an idiot for not saving it somewhere on paper I know, but I was paranoid and I've known the password for 3 years and I never would have thought I could forget it, but obviously I did. I thought the password would pop back into my mind at some point but it didn't for 2 weeks now and I don't think it will so at this point I'm desperate.

I think I can remember parts of the password and the general structure so I imagine with some intelligent bruteforcing it would probably be possible to recover it. However, I'm a complete noobie and I've never done any password recovery in my life so I need help from some expert. Now my question is, how do I find someone trustworthy who would be able to crack my truecrypt volume? If you could just point me in the general direction I would be very grateful, as I just don't know where to look for someone like that.

Thank you

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