Profitable restore after RAID Quantity crash – thought almost all was lost

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I’m currently optimistic, I managed to recover the data from my 5 x 10TB SHR/RAID5 selection. Two of the drive slot machine games in my Synology went to “Slot Disabled” state and the volume went to a crashed condition.

When this particular happened, I completely panicked as I had no recent backup and this held the laptop backups but most importantly family pictures and movies (births, birthday parties, events, vacations, etc .. ). I got the disabled slot hard disks out and put them back in and tried to reenable the slot, to no get. I turned off the unit, tagged the drive order, purchased 5 new 10TB hard disks and when they arrived I proceeded to image them one by one using HDDSuperClone. This particular took a few days… each generate was anywhere from 12 in order to 13 hours.

I originally used R-Studio in Linux but failed to get good results doing a total scan. All of the files were corrupt but interestingly enough the file names, sizes, and folder structures had been correct. I moved to Windows 10 and used UFS Explorer RAID Recovery plus got similar results.

After digging around I actually turned to ReclaimMe to attempt to have the RAID parameters, UFS Explorer and R-Studio couldn’t locate it. After it scanned and provided RAID guidelines I rescanned using UFS Explorer. A full scan for these types of took about 49 hrs.

Once the scan completed, I was able to survey images and videos and they looked IDEAL. I paid for UFS, which was $150… 100% worth every penny.

I had a 8TB drive and immediately started restoring the data to it. As we speak family pictures and video clips (over 10 years worth) are fully restored!

Just wanted to share a huge W here… I definitely learned my lesson, RAID is not a backup. I possess an older Synology model which usually I’ll set up as a backup at my parent’s house utilizing the “new” hard drives. Drawing that up today… if anybody has any good ideas on that I’m all head.

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